Chlorine Dioxide's power to fight COVID-19

Effective disinfectants are core to the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus. Chlorine dioxide has some characteristics that offer unique usefulness within the toolbox of measures being used to help control this pandemic.

Different disinfectants are more optimal in various situations. Some advantages chlorine dioxide offers include:

  • Chlorine dioxide destroys a very broad spectrum of micro-organisms, and does so at a very rapid kill rate.

  • It can penetrate and remove biofilm, reaching pathogens that many other disinfectants cannot.

  • Only a small amount of chemical is required for making effective liquid solutions, compared to amounts needed when mixing up disinfection solutions made with sodium hypochlorite (“household bleach”) or most other disinfectants. Larger supplies of chlorine dioxide are also available right now during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Chlorine dioxide has low toxicity environmentally. Chlorine dioxide disinfectants are usually created by “activating” sodium chlorite with a slightly acidic substance prior to use. Chlorine is not released as a stand-alone chemical during chlorine dioxide disinfectant applications. Instead chlorine re-combines with other chemicals present, and most final byproducts are inert substances, such as NaCl, table salt.

  • Chlorine dioxide does not involve any cancer-causing reactions, unlike some other common disinfection chemicals.

  • Chlorine dioxide is much less harsh on humans than commonly used “household bleach.”

  • It can be applied to a variety of surfaces more freely because it does not leave residue.

Chlorine dioxide is already being used in a variety of ways to help control the coronavirus pandemic, but gathering and sharing more information and resources can leverage its greater potential to serve a pivotal role in lessening the intense crisis.

Our Studies webpage lists many resources that are helpful for this endeavor, and a large additional number will be added shortly. We are glad to partner with others on exploration and development of more of Chlorine Dioxide's potential applications against COVID-19. Please Contact Us.

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Ongoing development of airborne uses

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